Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Way Back Wednesday (I almost forgot!)

1960's - Ocean Plaza was opened with 1700 feet of boardwalk, pier, amusement rides, shops, roller skating and concessions. This was the Golden Era of Folly Beach. The first surfboard on the Island was introduced by Pat Thomas.

1964 - Palm reading was banned on Folly.

1967 - Horseback riding was banned on the Island.

1977 - The Pier burned again, arson was suspected.

1985 - The beach front Holiday Inn was built.

1989 - Hurricane Hugo hit Folly Beach and neighboring communities, destroying many homes and devastating the beaches.

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Greg C said...

My wife was one of the ones affected by the horseback riding ban. She used to ride her horses over to the beach and ride them in the ocean. I bet a good palm reader could have predicted that pier fire. :)

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