Monday, July 13, 2009

My Cup Runneth Over

(This would have to be some sort of Mocha Latte or Cocoa Caramello because I'm not a coffee-drinker - but you get the picture.)
I'm drowning. Not in the literal sense but in the psychological sense. It seems as if I am overwhelmed with tasks and issues. Please note that they are not self inflicted. I'm just stressed. Sooooo Type A. Here's the list and there is no rhyme or reason to this - it's "stuff" and it's all in the same category - "STUFF":
Chef Ed's 50th birthday
My NEW refrigerator is broken.
On top of that, I have carpet cleaners coming today.
Anna Catherine starts cooking class next week.
My mom is having cataract surgery and can't make up her mind when she wants to have it done.
We have a dinner party on Wednesday. A BIG one at that.
I need a hair cut and can't get in with the infamous Ashley until a week from Wednesday.
Anna Catherine has her 11 year old checkup on Thursday morning.
Anna Catherine's birthday party is next weekend.
I'll stop here and spare you any more misery.
I need a maid. I need a personal trainer. I need a GOOD glass of wine. And it's only Monday.
Have a great week.

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Greg C said...

All I can help you with is the wine. Drop in and see me at the Market on Saturday. Code word; Calgon take me away. haha

As for the personal trainer, I would suggest East Shore. Who needs a trainer there are free classes that are fun. I have fallen in love with spinning.

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