Thursday, July 9, 2009

Litterers Have Done It This Time!

Brian Hicks is a writer for our local newspaper here in Charleston. Although I am not fond of him, I did respect his comments recently written regarding our 4th of July Celebration on Folly Beach. This hits really close to home for me because I spent quite a bit of time at Folly during my childhood years. A true lover of the ocean, some would think. I was raised at the beach, and if you cut me, I would probably bleed sand.

This time, the public has gone too far! Brian could not have said it better:

We've got a trash problem on Folly Beach. Not the beer cans and chicken boxes and coolers left lying in the sand over the weekend - no, the real trash is the people who carried in all that crap and left it lying there. ON OUR BEACH!

This is not MTV Spring Break. It's not cute, it's not funny and you're not cool.

This is the work of careless people who think it is the world's job to pick up after them, whose parents apparently didn't raise them right.

How hard is it to throw your empties in a cooler like normal folk?

Some people want to blame this on tourists, vacationers or even Yankees. But that's a poor excuse. This was largely locals, fools who take the Lowcountry for granted.

Maybe they've never lived anywhere else, don't realize the unique beauty that is coastal South Carolina - or how fragile it is. Maybe they don't care much about anything else but themselves - a common malady these days. Or maybe they are just lazy.

Well, they've done it this time. Folly Beach is talking about banning alcohol on the beach, the last place around here that you can legally drink in the surf. As usual, a few idiots spoil a good time for everybody. Way to go.

Messin' with our therapy

You go out at the end of a hard day, sit in the sand, drink a beer and watch the waves roll in. It is one of the greatest perks of living here. And soon this Anheuser-Busch therapy might be illegal. You can't blame Folly Beach officials. They filled up two garbage trucks Sunday and still didn't get it all. They've got residents upset about people dumping trash in their yards, using their hedges for outhouses. Living at the beach does not require you to put up with this. You wouldn't like it if Folly folks drove to your subdivision and dumped their trash in your yard. In fact, you'd call the cops!

If you don't want the government acting like your parents, try acting like an adult. Pick up after yourself.

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Greg C said...

I saw the report and was shocked at the number of pigs that don't know how to clean up after themselves. I saw a lot of locals in the photos so it wasn't visitors. Besides if the locals had picked up after themselves I am sure the others would have followed suit. Great post. I couldn't have said it better.

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