Thursday, July 23, 2009

Don't Sweep It Under The Rug

Words of wisdom:

Deal with any relationship/marital problems that you have constantly. Never let little problems just sit. I recently read a story about “What's that smell?" Have you ever gone into your refrigerator and said “What's that smell?” You could not figure out what was stinking inside? Usually it's some left- overs that you forgot about etc., etc..

It's the same with relationships. You must not push problems to the back. Your problems will not get better! On the contrary, they'll ALWAYS start stinking! (word to the wise) Deal with your issues quickly everyone!

Remember, whatever you leave behind you, you'll always find right in front of you. :-)

1 comment:

Greg C said...

I highly recommend the book; The five love languages. It has made huge improvements in our mariage.

Great advice.

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