Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy 50th Birthday, Chef Ed!

Here's to Chef Ed:

25 Things That I Love About Him

1. He accepts the fact that he's with the most neurotic woman in the world. Plus, he can (almost) always calm me down. That is not an easy feat.

2. He cries at a sad movie and he's not embarrassed.

3. The way he looks at me.

4. Because he has the most beautiful blue eyes.

5. He is never afraid to try new things.

6. He makes me laugh - at least twice a day.

7. He sings off tune.

8. I am never far from his thoughts. I know this because he tells me all the time.

9. He cooks for me.

10.He gives me cards for no reason.

11. He packs my lunch.

12. He's the last one to turn out the light before we go to bed.

13. He has never complained when I asked him to do something.

14. He calls me just to say, "I love you."

15. He always opens the car door for me.

16. He is a hand holder and hug giver.

17. He tolerates my girliness very well. He accepts that a 45 minute drive one way to buy lipstick is a necessity.

18. He's good with finances.

19. He accepts my love of Vera Bradley (and other brands).

20. He wears boxer briefs.

21. He takes care of me when I am sick.

22. He has raised two kittens since birth and has done an exceptionally good job.

23. He doesn't count up past wrongs.

24. He can drink a bottle water in about 3 gulps.

25. He's mine, all mine!

.........and one more for good luck: He's not perfect and he doesn't claim to be. But, neither am I.

On a more serious note, here's my birthday card to Chef Ed.

Dear Chef Ed,

If I had three requests that I could turn into gifts for you, they would include: love, strength and hope. We celebrate a love deepened with maturity; one that is sacrificial, forgiving and eternal. You find strength to endure whatever trials and challenges life has to offer, and to know that in those times, it is God who carries you through them.

So, on this day of celebration, I realize I too am blessed for having been with you for the last three years. Happy Birthday.



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Greg C said...

Happy birthday Chef Ed. I have one coming up next Monday. I am going to be 45 but I am a bit dyslexic so I may be 54. Whatever. It's all the same after 40.

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