Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tooth Fairy Gone Bad!

Note to self: When leaving money under your child's pillow from the infamous Tooth Fairy, try to leave out the Tuscan Bistro Italian Restaurant receipt!! I think I am going to receive the Mother of the Year Award for this one!

This opened up a whole can of worms bright and early on a Tuesday morning. I was NOT prepared to enlighten little Anna Catherine on the real identity of the fantasy world we had been living in for the 10 short years of her life.

Yep, I did it. I was honest and told her the truth. Wonder who took it worse? Her or ME??


Monday, May 11, 2009

If I'm Missing...

As I was drinking mojito's on the beach in Mexico in January, I started wondering: Would I really be saving money by staying at an all-inclusive resort where I could drink as many mojito's as I wanted for no extra charge. Or, would it be just as cheap to pay by the drink??

I started preferring the all-inclusive route. There was something extra relaxing about not having to think about your wallet -- or even bringing it with you -- when you are lounging in front of the Caribbean waves.

It turns out, the research confirms my gut feelings. It boils down to the fact that people don't enjoy paying for things, so if they can avoid it while they're lounging, they'll have a more enjoyable lounge.

So, we went ahead and booked that all-inclusive vacation for September. You will be able to find me here - on the beaches of Mexico once again.

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