Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Under Protest

(I'm gonna miss those days.)

Well, the time has come. The "little girl" in my house now has an opinion of her own.

Yesterday, I was informed by a reliable source (my mother - her MeMe) that she no longer wanted to wear a ribbon in her hair. Stab. Me. In. The. Gut.

Yes, my girls were always the little smocked dress - hair bow wearing little darlings. But no more. It almost hurts me to see the end of a time period where she was so innocent and child-like. In a way, I felt like those bows or ribbons would ward of the voodoo of middle school madness.

It saddens me to know that I will never again have a little child to dress in those cute little outfits of gingham check with some sweet Sam and Libby's to match.

For now, I'll close the book on babyhood and try to manage to enjoy her growth into her own individuality.

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