Monday, August 10, 2009

Plane Germs

Notice the spelling, would ya?

My baby girl (who's 11 years old) will be returning home today. Her father had the bright idea of taking her to Ohio to see his family for a few days last week. Those folks are some strange birds up there.

They flew. I felt better about that because she gets motion sickness very easy like her momma. Riding 12 hours in a car would not do her any justice. All seemed to be going well until I received an alarming phone call at 7:30am on Saturday morning. She had been running a high fever all night and he was carrying her to the emergency room. Please note that I am in the medical field and I am VERY critical of any medical care given to any of my family members - especially my children. I am positive that she picked up some cooties from the airports she traveled through. That place is a breeding ground for stuff which explains why I chug Airborne about a week prior to traveling anywhere that requires my presence at an airport.

I had the diagnosis all figured out before he even left the house to take her there. I had it pegged that she had strep throat. WRONG! It's viral syndrome and as a mother, that is WORSE than strep. At least they can give an antibiotic for strep and within 24 hours, they are well on their way to recovery. Viral syndrome is something that you are at the mercy of and you can only sit and wait that booger out.

She continued to run a low grade fever yesterday and they will be flying in at 2:00 this afternoon. Poor baby has to travel feeling yucky. That just breaks my heart and she needs some "Mommy Love."

I will be resuming my responsibilities with the Junior Service League this year as I went "inactive" last year due to my brother's illness. Wouldn't ya know that tonight is the first kick-off meeting of the league year. And, yes, it's mandatory.

I'm certain that it will all work out. It always does. I hope she enjoyed herself this time...because she won't be going again!

Have a great week!

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