Monday, August 17, 2009

My, How Times Have Changed

I did a little reminiscing last night. While I was cooking homemade Chicken-N- Dumplin's, I decided to venture through my grandmother's antique Lane hope chest to ponder over some old pictures that I had tossed in there. Honestly, I missed my 20th high school reunion this weekend so I wanted some revenge on old classmates. Instead, I became side-tracked with a picture of me when I was close to my youngest daughter's age. My, how times have changed! We have paper pom-pom's and hand made uniforms! Nonetheless, WTH was my mother thinking when she allowed my picture to be taken with my hair looking like a fried Q-tip??

Most importantly, I had a great few moments when I stumbled across this picture of my brother when he was healthy. This was taken on Christmas Day, 2006. He LOVED Christmas and the look on his face is how I remember him the most - always happy.

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