Friday, January 2, 2009

It's All In How You See It

Today is the second full day of 2009 and I am determined to have a fresh start. I REALLY mean it this time.

Over the last year, I have really had quite a few eye-opening experiences that have allowed me to reform my way of thinking. My spirit tells me that this year will be one of great things for me and my family. Ed and I could sure use some positiveness (is that even a word?) in our lives. We both have had people from our past, at one time or another, spoil our moment, and pose as excess baggage - and my oh my, how we have moved beyond that phase. It is almost comical to look back at and the see the amount of growth that has taken place since then. AMAZING! AMAZING! You really don't realize how heavy that load was until you dumped it some place. Those times were forever and a day ago and thank the Lord those monkeys are off of our backs!!

The new concept will be one of physical and spiritual training. I can feel it already!

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