Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Norte Has Come & Gone!

The norte blew through yesterday and light rain gave way to mostly cloudy skies. The wind was fierce! I took a few pictures of the storm coming in from the ocean and the colors are amazing!

Due to not having any paved roads here in Hobox, this place is a mud hole after a good rain storm. In the afternoon, we were able to walk into town and pick up a few things from the fruiteria. The markets contain things like onion, garlic, mango, small eggplant, eggs, juice in small bags, avacados, etc. The avacados are the best I have ever tasted. Thank the Lord for my personal chef that can whip up a meal with very little to choose from. The tomatoe and avacado salad was to die for!

We came home to take a shower and decided to eat in a small Italian "hole in the wall" that was recommended to us by Italo, the owner of Los Mapaches, where we are staying. Needless to say, he is Italian and they support each other. Luciano, the owner of the restaurant makes his own pasta daily and we were lucky enough to be joined by Antonio, the Columbian gentleman that owns the Fly Fish House next door to Los Mapaches. He has been here 5 years and provided us with great knowledge of this small, quaint island. Luciano suggested the fresh lobster from the menu as the fisherman had provided him with 30 kilos fresh off the boat. Italo later showed up and we shared our table with Antonio and the night was nothing less than perfect.

Ed agreed that this place is much different than island living in the Caribbean. He says that people KNOW what they are looking for when they come here unlike St.Thomas. Those people are in search of something but they have no idea what it is. Holbox is a community of like-minded people who appreciate the quiet and charm. You won't find any parties or loud noises coming from the few bars that surround the main square. You will find small cafe's that allow you to have a cup of espresso and a danish until you are ready to move towards your next venture. "Do what makes YOU happy" seems to be the common factor that joins everyone together here. I am really glad we chose this place. As we sat outside the restaurant last night, a taxi (golf cart ) rode by with a loud muffler. Italo yells from our dining table in a strong italian accent, "this is Holbox! There is no noise in Holbox!"

We have been invited to Antonio's house this afternoon for Columbian coffee and a rare Columbian rum. How lucky can we be?!!!

I am writing from the restaurant this morning as Tonya, the owner, makes me fresh squeezed mandarin juice. The wind is still lurking around but a beach day is in store for us.

I am having trouble downloading pictures because of the weak internet connection. I am certain that pictures will do no justice to the beauty of Holbox.

I am learning more and more about myself as time passes here. Change is in the air.

Breakfast is here so I'll be in touch again tomorrow. I miss everyone back home but nothing could replace this "me" time that has allowed me to soul search.


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Mindy said...

Oh Holly I am so excited things are going well. Thanks so much for the blog. It makes me so happy to know you are having a great time. I actually got teary eyed while reading your blog. Tell all we said Hi and we will see them in a few weeks(Feb. 3rd)
It is -23 here today. Very cold. dangerous.

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