Sunday, January 18, 2009

Montezuma's Revenge??

Bar Tuch at night.

Lime juice,hot sauce and Sol in a salt rimmed glass!

The beach as a norte blew in.

Our hammock on the beach near our palapa.

I finally made it home yesterday afternoon. Our initial arrival date SHOULD have been Friday night but Jet Blue gave us a 3 hour delay in Cancun due to engine trouble out of Boston. We missed our transfer flights in Orlando and ended up having to spend the night in Orlando getting a flight to Atlanta with a 4 hour lay over into Charleston the next day.

Unfortunately, during our stay in Orlando, I was awakened in the middle of the night with terrible stomach pain and all of the ailments that come along with the "bug!" Have you ever tried to travel through the Atlanta airport with a 4 hour layover accompanied by nausea and diarrhea??? Let me be the first to tell you that it was not the most pleasant ending to my trip. I was able to arrive home safely thanks to my biggest fan, Chef Ed. God love that man! He really made our trip what it was ( and I'm not just buttering him up so we can go again!)

Today I spend laying on the couch and began to feel much better. I checked my emails and responded to my trip advisor friends and was able to reminisce on my secret hiding place that we left behind.

I am anxious to have a day to spend with the girls tomorrow as there is no school and my "real" life will begin to get back to normal on Tuesday. It's good to be back! I wonder if the island misses me already??

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