Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Stay Tuned.....

Stay on the edge of your seats. In a few days, I'll keep everyone posted on our whereabouts. I will make one promise.......I'll drink at least one mojito for each and everyone of you! Ahhhhh!!

Thankyouverymuch, K-9, for dropping by! Us "dogs" think alike!


K9 said...

you are welcome. this blog makes me smile. i am a bit concerned about that haircut you are considering tho....looks hard to keep neat. but that might be because i cannot seem to work a blow dryer and brush. always get the damn round brush stick in my hair and then after i pry it out looks like a rats nest. grrherhahahaha

mojitos! and tequila!

Mindy said...

Have fun!! We will be there 24 more days!!! Let me know if I need one book or two and where to get the best drink!!!


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