Thursday, January 15, 2009

A World Apart

Today is the day that I knew I would come to regret. I always dread the last day of vacation and this would be no different than all of the others. The tears flow and I reflect on the days past. It's cleansing for me.

The weather is still cooler than normal here and we took the tour of three islands today. We saw so many things that mother natures has created until it is hard to take it all in. From Bird Island, stopping at the fresh water lagoon, and bringing it around to Passion Island; each one had something different to offer. We have met so many amazing people and seen such unique treasures until it is hard to leave this all behind. You may leave this physicial place behind, but you will always remember the many lessons that it has taught you.

We walked the beach to reach town this afternoon for one last time. I have realized that all things must come to an end just like life it self. I have learned that so much time is wasted trying to have more while missing the blessing of what you already have. I have come to know the joy and peace inside of one's self and the importance of love and forgiveness. Our new friend, Tonya, said it best. "This is a place that you come and cry between you and God. No one else matters."

This island may be a world apart, but we will always be one in spirit.

Until we meet again, Isla Holbox. Until we meet again.........

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Isla Sisterchick said...

Holly, Glad to hear that you love Holbox as I do. Please tell me the Italian Hole in the Wall where I can find Luciano, so I can go there next week. Maybe I'll see you on Holbox next year.
Danyel (your Holbox tripadvisor friend-LOL)

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