Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Bug Has Bit Again

I tend to change my hairstyle often. After a few months, I am bored and ready to move on with something a little more stylish. Some time back, I cut off all of that long, out-of-style hair and I have no regrets on that, for sure! I graduated to a posh-like style, went from blonde to light brown and back to blonde again. The brown just wasn't me but for some reason, I am thinking that I may be me now?? (yes, that is a statement and not a question)
Once again, I am back to feeling the urge to go darker. Does everyone else go to the salon every 4 weeks for cut/color? Figuring up the cost, I spend at least $140 a month on my hair. My theory would be that going a tinge darker would cut down on my cost, and not to mention my time that I spend there. My life is not that exciting that Ashley and I have enough words to fill up a 3 hour conversation every time I go - because that is how long it takes me to foil all of this hair! Short or long, I have a ton of it!

This is the next adventure that I am considering. I am really thinking I could pull this off! Cute, Huh?

1 comment:

pam said...

I love that cut and I love the color too. They both might be high maintenance though.

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