Thursday, February 18, 2010

So Much To Do - So Little Time!

This could potentially be the last post that I am able to make before leaving on our magical vacation. I am beginning the phase of butterflies in my stomach because I have so much to do before we leave. I have last minute shopping to do, pet sitter appointments, taking care of Mr. How Many Shorts Will I Need, polish change on fingers and toes (VERY important), and checking my list twice for all of those other things that fall in between.

I have no idea why I stress out before vacation. I have to convince myself that I truly do deserve this time away and I WILL be a much better mother, co-worker, etc. when I return, right?? As a side bar- I miss my girls so terribly much until I have an ache in my heart when we are away. Ahh, the joys of being a mother, spouse, organizer - and anything else you can think of...

I have a few good books packed and I plan on spending a little "me" time getting reconnected spiritually along with being hopeful that my mind will be open to hearing what needs to be said to me. I'm excited about it!

For now, I'll be praying for safe travels and warm weather.

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