Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Just A Little Piece Of Paradise

Well, we're finally here. Holbox has seen the face of us once again and we are just as much in awe as we were the first time we laid eyes on this place. It's been a long day of travel - the absolute ONLY downfall of traveling here - but we are calling it an early night so we can be all refreshed in the morning.

Right now, the town is quiet and all we hear is the sound of the ocean in the background. We are literally a stone's throw away from the water. The ocean is sounding kinda angry tonight because rumor has it; the tail end of a el norte is blowing in. It's so peaceful and almost lullaby like.

I'm able to get a wireless signal in our room this time so I'll try to blog as much as possible. When I'm online, I'm going to be blogging and emailing the girls only. There will be no Facebooking it, etc.. This trip is going to be one of reflection and reconnection. My contact with all of the other stuff that seems to clog my life artery will have to take a back seat for a week.

I think everyone will be okay with that.

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