Friday, February 12, 2010

Has Hell Officially Frozen Over?

Snow in Charleston, South Carolina?
You have got to be freakin' kidding me! This has been the coldest winter in 25 years and most of us true Southerner's have been in a state of bitterness about it! Now, TODAY, we are finally going to get some snow WITH accumulation! An expected 4-6 inches beginning around 4pm today snowing steadily throughout the night.
Happy about it? I think so! Only because my theory on this whole thing is: If it HAS to be cold, at least, Mother Nature, throw us warm natured folks some crumbs and give us something pretty to look at. Besides, Chef Ed and I leave for vacation to a much warmer climate in a week.
Gawd, I'm looking forward to wearing open-toed shoes and tanned skin again. But until then, I'll throw a log in the fireplace, sip on some wine, and enjoy the scenery!
I'll post pictures soon.


Greg C said...

So far all we are getting is rain. it's 5 and no snow. I want snow. Where is it?

The Southern Girl said...

Careful what we wish for, huh? It was great - for about 2 hours until I lost power! Talk about freezing. The scenery was gorgeous, but the lack of heat had a lot to be desired.

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