Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Billy Graham Is One Smart Cookie

I'm not an argumentative person. I will debate; mind you - but only if it's on a subject that I feel strongly about. I'm not the type to always be right but I do demand the respect of you hearing my side. Quite truthfully, I would really rather things remain "status quo." On the flip side, again, I am not afraid to address things that needs to be addressed.

What does all of this mean? Well, I was thinking about some of the prominent figures of my lifetime and Billy Graham really stuck out. What an awesome man of wisdom. How often is it that he has told this world about peace and mercy and the grace that we are so unworthy of. How forgiveness is so important and how it's never too late to make right of something wrong. I have preached this while up on my own "soap box" many times.

I think about my children and all of the mistakes they have made. How it's better to try to love them out of it rather than turn my back. I have always encouraged them to come to me and apologize. That does not mean that the punishment will go away; it just means that there is growth in the admittance and I respect them as a person for that.

As Billy Graham says, "Hot heads and cold hearts never solve anything."

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