Friday, October 3, 2008

Power Of The Tongue

This morning, I really feel compelled to educate others on the power of the tongue.

There are not very many people, who at some time or another have not experienced pain, hurt, shame, or disgrace, as a result of a person or group of persons' careless and sometimes deliberate use of an unbridled tongue. Characters have been assassinated, reputations destroyed, spirits broken, lifelong relationships ruined, and seemingly repairable damage has been been done by some members of your life.

The unfortunate thing is that the tongue is simply an instrument that is used. IT does not think, nor devise evil, and by itself it really does absolutely nothing. Yet, in the same way that with a bit, a rider can control the body of a horse, a captain can determine the course of a ship, so it is that the tongue nestled in our mouths control the direction of our lives. It is the owner or master of the tongue that determines how it is used. It stands to reason; therefore, that the things we say is often a reflection of the things in the heart.

Those who abuse this power will soon find themselves all alone with what is left, if anything, of their consciences.

Change your heart.

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