Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Never Again - So Don't Ask!

Does it really pay to try and be healthy?? I am beginning to question this today more than ever! About a month or so ago, I made a commitment to myself that I would put taking care of everyone else but me on hold and try to get caught up on some way over due doctor appointments. I am busy sending Ed, my parents, and my girls to the doctor but never me. They have all had check ups, dental appointments - everything they need but I manage to forget that I need some maintenance as well. I needed to have my teeth cleaned, have my yearly visit with my OB/GYN, and get some answers to a few questions regarding some sensitive skin issues that I have been dealing with. (see the post below in reference to the mole removal.)

When the most handsome, Dr. Ward, did my minor procedure in his office a few weeks ago, he wanted me to see an allergist for some patch testing because I have had some issues flare up pertaining to some form of dermatitis around my eyelids. Because I trusted his judgement at the time, I agreed. After all, I have had this problem for years and have been self treating as usual.

Listen, if I must "toot my own horn," I am pretty smart when it comes to medical stuff. I have been in this field a long time and I can more than hold my own in conversations with physicians regarding most treatments, etc... I will admit that allergy testing is not my forte so I went in blindly this morning to see Dr. Ruppe. His wit and charm had me sold UNTIL........he asked the nurse to explain the "scratch" testing procedure to me. Let me say to you that it was nothing short of 80 scratches on my back and last but not least, 18 sub dermal skin tests on my arm! I looked like a dart board coming out of there. God have mercy! I was not having an anaphalactic reaction to something. All I have is a freakin' rash above my eyelids once in a while! I spent 3 hours in that office and they found NOT ONE allergy to anything except a dust mite!! He gave me 8 samples (which I appreciate) of everything under the sun and told me to change my facial cleanser. Was he kidding??? I guess not. He wants to see me back in 3 weeks. Yeah, right!!

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