Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Birthday, Boys!

Set aside from raising two girls, Ed and I are also the proud parents of 2 male cats. Cats?? Who says they are cats? They act more like dogs to me and the things they do never cease to amaze us. Let me introduce them to you. Murphy, the gray one is diviner and smart - almost in a nerdy sense. All he needs is some black rimmed glasses and a pocket protector and he would be good to go! Larousse on the other hand, is a "daddy's boy" and is Ed's Siamese twin. He follows that man everywhere! I would never expect anything different as he was named after Larousse Gastronomique for all you foodies out there.

One year ago today, we began hand feeding these boys when they were 24 hours old because they were the children of a stray momma cat at my office. I BEGGED Ed to take them and he willingly agreed. Things have never been the same since. They chew on things, eat people food (Whole Foods no-salt turkey, I might add) and the newest trick is shredding toilet paper that is left on the roll in any of the bathrooms. In honor of them, I will share their latest masterpiece that we disovered upon entering the house after our weekend trip to North Carolina.

Better be glad we love ya', boys.....or you would find yourselves in the soup line!!

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