Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Smile Award

Baby Girl <------- (that would be me) is SPENT. Today has been a week since my brother has been in the hospital but I honestly think things are finally starting to look up. The heart cath is scheduled for tomorrow and if all is uneventful, I think he may be able to go home by the weekend. I'll keep my fingers crossed because spending all day at work and all evening at the hospital is just not my cup of tea. I have to fit family life in there somewhere.

I came across something this morning when I was doing my usual surfing of the web and it was called a "Smile Award." THIS made me smile.

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Mindy said...

Oh holly. I must say I have enjoyed reading your blog. First of all I have to tell you that this is the first time for me to read a blog much less make a coment, so bare with me. First of all when I was reading your profile I was just like OMG(gosh) I too am a Sagittarius. Without my faith I would be lost. My favorite movie is Bridges of Madison County along with the other movies listed (stepmom--cried like a baby)but you forgot Hope Floats!!! The thing most I could not beleive was scents that bring back time or make one remember something. This is what I always say is one of my favorite things. The similarities are really bizarre. I am not a Southern Girl but always have been intrigued by the South. We are both 37. My life is not as romantic as living in Charleston. Anyway, will keep in touch and thanks for the "smile award"

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