Friday, October 31, 2008

Goulish Mutterings

Happy Halloween, All!

Sadly, I don't have any more Trick or Treaters because the girls are too old but I will enjoy seeing those little darlings in our neighborhood all dressed up tonight. I consider myself to be a pretty festive mom and I make every effort to spice each holiday up at least a tad. It may be making cookies or decorating something simple around the house, but holidays, growing up, were aways an excuse to decorate. That tradition still carries on. My mom, at 68 years old, STILL does it! We were a little late on carving the pumpkin but managed to get it done last night. We chose a simple stencil this year because of the time factor. It turned out cute and it will serve it's purpose.

A few weeks ago, we make Oreo Spider Cookies and they turned out CUTE, CUTE, CUTE. The only downfall was that they were almost too sweet to eat - and a little messy because AC wanted to do EVERYTHING herself.

I hope the girls do things like this with their kids when they are all grown up. These are ever-lasting memories.
Happy Night!

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