Monday, October 13, 2008

He Cooks...and He's Cute, Too!!

I'm going to brag for a bit and he's gonna read this eventually so I had better keep it nice - big smile.

We received a proposition for a large upscale dinner party a few weeks ago and this came from no ordinary folk. Let me first tell you that I am NOT a waitress, bartender, etc. and I will NEVER claim to be one. Not that there is anything wrong with them, I have just not gone to school for this long and suffered through sleepless nights studying in college for something I don't think I would be good at. I have earned my chair at my desk a long time ago and I love what I do during my M-F job. When Ed and I initially met, some time passed and he had a strong urge to pursue the hands-on culinary skills that he used to use before he moved here from St. Thomas. We realized that there was a pretty good demand for a Personal Chef here at the beach and he has since been quite successful in doing this. He really loves it and he is great and talented at it. He asked if I would be willing to learn how to help him in the kitchen and of course, I agreed. I am a social butterfly so "hob-nobbing" with our clients came easy to me. I know the in's and out's of the Charleston area and I never suffer from lack of conversation. I have since become his Girl Friday to a certain extent and I do truly enjoy working with him and it we do it well as a couple.

Now, we had no idea that this gentleman and his wife were owners of a large food distribution company and were in business with the military so our opportunities were endless if all went well with their dinner club. My initial meeting with them came Saturday night and much to my surprise, these people were amazingly genuine. They provided us with a bartender, Amelia, and a dishwasher, Alvera, and there were both well versed in what needed to be done due to their past experience with these clients. This was extraordinary!!

At the end of the night, everyone adored every aspect of the meal prepared and invited us back for their holiday party.

I know I'm partial, but I not only love "Chef Ed" for his kindness and thoughtfulness, but I love him for his hard work and dedication to the things he enjoys in life. I really consider myself lucky.

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