Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Book of Questions

I have been waiting on our mail lady, Crazy Mary, for the last few days in hopes that she would be delivering my Amazon order. Hallelujah! She came bearing gifts this afternoon!
I have been in search of a book to take with me on our vacation and through a Facebook friend, I found one that struck a cord with me.
Although I don't know anything about the author, Gregory Stock, I was willing to buy this book that seemed to exercise my mind beginning at question #1.
I don't consider myself a book worm, but when reading time is up for grabs, self-help is what I lean towards. I have actually learned a lot from other people's experiences and respect a difference of opinion in certain situations.
The Book of Questions is not a book of trivia questions. There are no correct or incorrect answers. It was written to stretch your mind and place you in hypothetical situations, uninhibited, living through predicaments described, so that you care about the choices you make.
Gregory Stock challenges you to resist the temptations to escape from a question by denying it's reality or by coming up with some complication that obscures the basic issues. He wants you to ignore the paradoxes of time travel and the impossibility of various magical powers. Accept the conditions as describe, that odds are accurate, that promises will be fulfilled, and furthermore, that you know this when you are making your decisions when answering the questions.
Don't simply answer "yes" or "no" to these questions - probe and explain your responses. I have tried not to read many because I want to save it for our trip. These are thought provoking questions that I assume will require me to do a little self discovery and relationship enhancement. Chef Ed will hate to see this coming because I am such a deep thinker.
If anyone else has read this, or knows someone who has; I am interested in your thoughts.

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