Sunday, June 7, 2009

Taking Matters Into My Own Hands

I don't live in a neighborhood with a vulturing homeowners association breathing down my neck constantly, but in a case like this, I long to have someone who can "formally" tell my neighbors that living like Fred Sanford is not acceptable.

There are 4 people living in this house= 1 mom, 1 dad, 1 -11 year old, and 1 -7 year old. Typical all-American family one would think. Dad works and mom stays at home and home schools the two children. They must spend all of their time occupying the kids because she surly don't spend it taking care of their lawn.

Last year, we had this same problem. Their constant excuse for letting their grass get calf high was that the lawn mower was broken. Umm...the last time I checked, our town Wal Mart was fully functioning and push mowers did not require you to refinance your home.

Moving forward, I peered through their wooden privacy fence several weeks ago and I was horrified to see that the grass was so high, they would probably need a bush hog to cut it! I am kidding you not. They acutally had some weeds that were turning into small trees!!

In my mind, I agreed to give them one more week to get the grass cut that bordered my property or I would take matters into my own hands and cut it myself while manicuring my own lawn. Yesterday was D-day and I had become fed up! We took one deep breath and mowed it all down. They were both gone during the day and arrived before dusk so it was clearly visible that change had taken place in their absence. I half way expected a visitor last night but not a peep was heard. Maybe this will embarrass the so-called man of the house over there to clean his yard up!

Here is a little evidence to share:

Notice how the paint around the door frame has peeled off?

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