Monday, June 22, 2009

Open Mouth, Insert Foot

A Chatty Cathy, I am. And sometimes, that is NOT a good thing. I never know a stranger and try, for the most part, to make everyone feel like a long lost friend. Over- social, some might say.

We decided to join the pool again this year and much to my dismay, my neighbor decided to do the same. Yep, that's correct. I am referring to the neighbor that I blogged about (with photo's attached) and her lack of yard maintenance.

We unpacked our stuff at the pool on Saturday, and in she comes with her children tagging behind. It was less than crowded because I think all of the TRUE sun-worshippers had wimped out on me due to the massive heat index's sweeping across the south. I had no choice but to acknowledge her presence. We sort of pal'd around for a few hours and she never once made mention of me mowing the side area of her lawn. She ignored it like it never even took place!! I must say that I think it was out of embarrassment that she chose to be tight lipped.

We talked about random things and I told her a story of a blog that I recently started to follow about a woman who was in a crisis in her life, etc.... and out she blurted, "You have a blog? What is the name because I blog, too?" I felt my heart skip a beat! All I could think of was her reading my blog and recognizing the pictures of her jungle-like yard posted all over the internet. My only recourse was to tell a little white like and give her a made up name and pray that this subject never rears it's ugly head again!

Now, my advise to myself: Self: As Madea would say it, "put the shut to the up and SHUT UP!"

That's what I get for hanging out with someone that I really don't like, anyway!

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