Friday, June 19, 2009

Concerned Consumer

The new fad in sunscreen comes in an aerosol can. I have 2 concerns with this product. First, it's effectiveness is in question due mainly in part to what I have witnessed with my own two eyes over the last year or so. After our vacation to the beach, I noticed that very few people were using the good ole' fashioned lotion sunscreen. I also noticed that I saw lots more kids who were lit up like fireworks on the 4th of July from intense sunburns. OUCH!! My heart sank for these poor children who probably had the majority of their vacation ruined because they had to live in pain for days on end. I saw loads of parents spraying their children down with this fairly new product and by the end of the day (I know this because I spent ALL DAY at the pool and noticed the rapid progression of a shade of scarlet coming to life) 1/2 of these folks were glowing!

My second concern is that you really are not getting a lot of "bang for your buck" when you purchase these products. I decided to try it out and bought a double pack at WalMart for $10.99 and after one day, the can was empty and my 11 year old was pink around the edges. And, yes, I did follow directions. They promote this stuff by saying that it gives a more even coverage. I disagree. What I saw was the majority of spray flying into the wind and on my neighbor sitting beside me in her beach chair as she got a mouth full.

Now, my initial concerns were shared with several of my co-workers and I had 3 of them tell me that they were unsuccessful in using this product and several family members got rather pink after being in the sun for a minimal amount of time. I also asked around to parents at the softball field and they shared the same thoughts.

So, with that being said, I decided to post something on the Trip Advisor Forum under the Myrtle Beach, SC section and was floored at the amount of folks that disagreed with me. How can this be that the majority ruled in disappointment from personal acquaintances and ALL others online (with the exception of ONE person) thought that this was the best invention since electricity??

Am I missing something here?

Sorry, I am not having a whole lot of faith in this product based on my own experience.

Convenience does not always rule. Not in this case, anyway.

Questions? Comments? Complaints?


kroonerrater said...

You know I gotta comment :) I love the convenience of the spray, however, I have NEVER used up an entire bottle of sunscreen before the expiration date with the execption of these aerosol cans. I went through 2 last summer! (of course I have 2 little ones to slather now)
But I really don't miss the messy sunscreen-and-sand combination that you get when you're having to lather at the beach.
So I vote PRO on this one, sorry.

Gnightgirl said...

The idea of spray sunscreen bugs me too; I don't want some liquid merely settling on my skin...I want it rubbed IN, thick and absorbed all the way through 6 layers of skin (or however many layers there are.

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