Monday, November 17, 2008

Use It OR Lose It!

I have been up to my ears in junk taking up space around my house. My obvious cup of compulsion regarding cleanliness had runeth over Saturday evening. I typically give my girls a fair warning about the condition of their rooms about twice a year. The ultimatum goes something like this: "I will give YOU a chance to CLEAN it - NOT pick it up - but REALLY clean it. You know what my expectations are and if it does not meet it, in comes the trash bags and I will clean it myself." The trumpets blew Saturday and it was "game on" after that! My youngest daughter, AC, usually is fairly compliant because she knows when I mean business! My oldest, CLS, on the other hand, does not take me quite so seriously.

While she was working Saturday night, I decided to tackle this heap of a mess. I swear, I KNOW that I will end up with some dreaded lung disease after inhaling all of that dust! How can anyone live in such filth? It amazes me that she dresses to the nines and every hair on her head is in place yet she will walk over a pile of crap in the floor without picking it up!

I hope she marries rich and can afford a full time house keeper. I would have taken an "after" picture but I was simply too exhaused!

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