Saturday, September 27, 2008

So Nice!

Stopping by for a few seconds to touch base with all who are out there. The drive to NC yesterday would have been best suited for an ark! It poured the entire way up and the whole rest of the evening. We are in a quaint little hotel and the hospitality is out of this world. I am BIG on service in places like this and they have far exceeded my expectations (except for one guy at the front desk who sort of creaps me out for some strange reason). The sun has been shining all day and we did a little shopping in downtown Hendersonville and headed to apple country where there was miles of orchards and roadside stands. We had lunch at a small little locally owned diner and the owner was actually from Charleston! Small world. This is such a nice place and I could really get used to spending the fall and winter here. Much more to post later and many pics to download. I miss the girls and it would be much better if they were here with us! Tonight is dinner a Poplar Lodge that overlooks the mountainside. This has REALLY been nice.

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