Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mental Floss

As the mother of a teenage daughter, I certainly feel as if that should qualify one to be declared legally insane. Her birthday is up and coming and for sure - The Princess Has Arrived! It's the Sweet Sixteen that all of the girls, nowadays, look forward to. I NEVER had a Sweet Sixteen party - never wanted one; never cared. I totally blame those crazy shows on MTV or whatever channel that is for embedding glorious fantasies into my baby girl's head. After months of wrestling with this "alligator", I was finally able to talk her into doing something semi-simple with her best friend. Sooo....I have arranged a day at the spa for the both of them. I approached the subject, tip-toeing towards it at the dinner table (after a glass of wine- or two- I wasn't keep count at this point) and by the blessing of the Diva, we all agreed! Pew! I wiped the sweat from my brow and finished my bottle of wine and chalked one up for "momma!"
I love her so much and see such a mirror image of myself at that age, although I would never admit that to her. Her longing to grow up takes my breath away because I, from experience, knows what life has in store for her. It ain't pretty, sister. "Enjoy the free ride while you can," I repeat daily.
After 2011, the year she will graduate, my plans are to toss her into dentistry and eliminate my Mental Health Benefit. I may even consider quitting drinking!

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