Monday, September 15, 2008

I am SO over it!

Okay...I am SO over the Victoria Beckham haircut that I longed to have three months ago! This past weekend, I had my limit of unfulfilling makeup applications every morning of my life so I tried to test my fate and head to the Clinique counter at Belk. $120 later, (which wasn't so bad in MY opinion) I had a total transformation of colours! My personality is that of a true blonde although my natural color is the far extreme (don't see too many blonde greek women), I enjoy FLASHY, VIBRANT, and it speaks volumes about my life. I truly believe that Debby, my hair stylist, dreads seeing me walk through that door but some seem to think differently in regards to that. They continue to spew things at me such as, "I hope she drives a nice car- YOU have to be paying a large payment." I know, I know......back on track- After scrolling through tons of photos, I have come to the conclusion that Paula Abdul has great hair. It's thick and healthy - a lot like mine - and she can wear just about anything! A long style is not an option for me anymore mainly due to the fact that I cut 8 inches off months ago, and long is OUT! In the process of growing out the wedge in the back, this picture piques my interest. Questions, comments, complaints will be accepted.

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