Monday, June 30, 2008

Go Within or Do Without

Many people travel all over the world, yet go nowhere within themselves. Travel within, mentally and spiritually, and you will discover, within your depths, the goodness, fortune and happiness that you have been searching for. I remember, during many times in my life, that I felt as if I was at the highest point of happiness that I could ever achieve. Somehow, along the path, that same feeling has resurfaced several times but at different stages. The times in between these stages of life, I have experienced the "growing pains" of adulthood; each time reaching a feeling bigger and better than beyond. What I am proud to say the most is that I have learned that you don't need a Life Coach or Spiritual Advisor to get you to this destiny. You need to seek out the quiet times in your life because that is when you learn the most about who you really are. Go within or do without.

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