Thursday, January 14, 2010

Life Is Good....Really Good

(Please don't judge me by my absence)

Life has been crazy busy - but in a good way. God as truly blessed our lives beyond belief. Business has been great - BETTER THAN EVER and Chef Ed has changed jobs after being led in a different direction. It's all about feet being planted where they NEED to be instead of where you WANT them to be. Amazing, word, huh?

So.....moving back to me. My oldest daughter, Chelsea, is now back at home after taking some time to review her life. We are glad to have her back where she needs to be. She'll be a senior next year and I am ever-so-curious to see what her plans will be. I have my own personal thoughts about it but I'll keep that quiet for now. (I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise!)

We are headed back to our true paradise on February 22nd and we are more excited than ever! It's our one little corner of the world that seems to be so untouched by the hustle and bussle of every day life that serves as a distraction to us sometimes. Our days will consist of laying on the beach, reading and playing Farkle and/or Uno. We will awake when we want to and go to bed when we want to. We'll dine with the locals, watch sunrises and sunsets, drink wine, eat fresh avocado and tomatoes, go barefoot, shell hunt, walk on the beach and hold hands. Besides that, they have the best pork skins that we have ever tasted in our lives! YUMMO!

Life is good....really good!

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