Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Real Mom's Fess Up

Everyone has been to that tournament in the summer when it was about 102 degrees and actually cheered out loud when the other team scored because it meant we wouldn’t be in the playoffs? You only realized you'd cheered out loud when the other parents looked at you strangely. I, myself, recall those times when I had wished I'd brought a full flask of Pinot Noir and made a mental note to do just that the next time.

There are basically two options: You can be a ‘real’ soccer ( softball, baseball, cheerleader) mom and run spreadsheets for the snack schedule, create a website to track stats and bring folding lawn chairs, blankets, extra water bottles, sweaters, maybe even some pompoms to show your support for the game.

As for the other option? Supermoms simply don't have the time to do all of the pre-work to get to the game. Be sure the kid has on the right shirt, shorts and shoes that technically can be used for the sport. It's enough…She's gathering her thoughts and thinking about what to make for dinner out of the soggy celery, leftover canned pasta and wrinkly tomato she has in her fridge.

And snacks........that is a whole other post - Can we not be satisfied with a juice box and granola bar? And if we really want to get technical, WHY do we have to do after-game snacks, anyway?

I would like to reinvent the wheel by making each parent responsible for their OWN child's snack! Would I be shunned from the ball field on this one???

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