Thursday, March 26, 2009

From Here to There

I happened to take a look at my last blog date and I am ashamed to say that it has been nearly a month ago. Time does fly by, ya know! I have been so absorbed with home, work and travel until this little "neck of the woods" had to take the back seat.

We have since sent my wayward 16 year old daughter to live with her father in hopes that she will turn her life around and respect rules and authority in her life. A different school district and new group of friends. She, by far, was not doing this at MY house and she needed a more firm upper hand to get a grip on her. Her dear ole' dad might just be the fella to do that for her. I'll keep my fingers crossed! We miss her and love her but she needs change!

The little one is adjusting well and our life continues as normal. Basketball season has come to an end and we are in full swing with softball (her true love).

We took a long-over-due trip to WV last week and really felt a kick in the stomach with Chef Ed's parents. My, oh my, they are really getting old. It just makes me feel so sad that those lovely people are so fragile and their time with us here is limited. I am more than pleased to see Ed and his dad finally have a loving relationship after years of struggle. It brought tears to my eyes the night before we left. More than anything, I was fearful that it may be the last time we see his dad alive. He was truly a strong and dominate man at some point in his life. My heart kind of aches because they have always been so good to me and have gone above and beyond in welcoming me into their family since day one.

Hope everyone is doing well on your end and I will catch up on everyone's whereabouts really soon!

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